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Deana Patakovic


Deana Patakovic



I often ask myself whether an artist is actually a hunter? A person of intuition, a man collecting scattered ideas, someone who unerringly hits that special place where the emotions grow and where dramatic catharsis begins…

It is said and written that Diana, or Deana, is the goddess of hunting. When someone has that name, her roads are already marked as well as mortal souls she is to hunt after.

When Deana Patakovic instead of bow and arrow uses the chords of her piano, her instrument lets out special sounds, colours and scents that make the world stop. Deana is a skillful hunter who knows how to search and how to find the right “note” which makes the heart tremble and an eye to glitter. That is the way I feel and am looking forward to the moment when I share with the others the same feeling – those of a person captured by the spell of her music.

Konstantin Babic
Composer, writer and professor

Deana Patakovic - Biography

Deana Patakovic was born in Belgrade where she began her studies with Professor Mirjana Suica Babic achieving a Master’s in Art – Pianist in 1991 as the best musician of her generation ( with a top score 10 of 10 in all the subjects).

She continued her studies in London with Professor John Bingham ( Trinity College ), Kendall Taylor (Royal College of Music ) and in Paris with Françoise Buffet ( Ecole normale de musique ).

At the same time she started her

international career as a concert pianist – more than 700 concerts in former Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Kuwait, Eritrea and Jordan. She performed as a soloist with all Serbian Symphony Orchestras, Jordan Symphony Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonia ( Murtenclassics festival in 2007, music conductor Thomas Rösner ).

In October 2012 she was an invited music artist at the Victoria Hall for the Award Ceremony Martin Ennals.

Deana was teaching as a Piano Professor at the highest level of musical training at the Music Faculty, University of Arts of Belgrade ( 1992-2008 ), and afterwards in Geneva at the Institute Jaques Dalcroze.

She recorded three CDs with music by Scarlatti, Beethoven, Liszt,

Scriabine, Albeniz, Ravel, Fridrich Nietzsche and Serbian composers ( available also in the iTunes ).



Concerts à venir


Fête de la musique 2023

Duo Piano Guitare

Lieu: Agrippa
Date: samedi 24 juin 2023 à 20h

Concerts passés

Fête de la musique

24 juin 2023 à 20h


Fête de la musique

Salle des Abeilles
25 juin 2022 à 16h40


Association des Artistes et Musiciens de Genève



Festival de piano de Genève 2021

Duo Piano Guitare
Deana Patakovic, piano & Manuel Osorio Doren, guitar

Infos & programme
Programme de piano solo:

Balakirev/Glinka, Khatschaturian,
Tchaikovsky & compositeurs serbes


Programme de duo:

Gnattali et Casteluovo-Tedesco


jeudi 2 septembre 2021, à 20h
Lyceum Club International – 3 Promenade du Pin, Genève


Duo Piano Guitare
Piano – Deana Patakovic, Guitar – Manuel Osorio Doren

Samedi 10 juillet 2021, à 12h30

Église évangélique luthérienne de Genève
Rue Verdaine 20
1204 Genève

Samedi 19 juin 2021, à 15h

Fête de la musique – Genève
Cour de la Société de Lecture


Au programme: F. Tavolaro, R.Gnattali, M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Glinka/Balakirev, C. Debussy


Festival de piano

3 et 10 septembre 2019 à 20h


Piano et Guitare

29 juillet 2019 à 12h30


Église Luthérienne
Rue Verdaine 20

Fête de la musique, Genève

Salle des Abeilles
24 Juin 2018, à 16h15

Au programme:
Mokranjac, Debussy, Chopin, Albeniz

Fête de la musique

21 juin 2019 à 20h10


Cour de la Société de Lecture
11, Grand Rue

Beograd 15 april 2019

Narodno pozorište, scena Raša Plaović
Svečano otvaranje Festivala